Artist Statement

I am interested in the cultural, biographical and neurological patterns and laws by which we perceive and interpret the world. In my work I display them and question whether and how far we are bound to those parameters. I develop symbolic image sequences and installations either extracting these structures or dissolving them.

The video works are constructed and deliberately artificial image sequences between digital painting and video. They are not conform to the cinematic viewing habits. They change slowly, often completely without zoom and cut. In the installations the viewer is interactively involved by a curiosity-inspiring surface between fiction and reality.

The techniques vary, but the way of thinking and expressing my thoughts have always the same handwriting, as well as the philosophical content and many references to mythology, history of art, Neurosciences and Natural Sciences.

Trapped by Birthe Blauth is a HD-video on transience and limits.
Heidiland by Birthe Blauth is a video telling a phantastic history of the changes of a mountain landcape
Chronos' Song by Birthe Blauth is a video about the source of time.
Sammy, The Ferryman by Birthe Blauth is a video on the nature and the perception of transitions.
Guarded Parking Marrakesh by Birthe Blauth is about the many things that escape our notice.

time shift

IDOL by Birthe Blauth is a digitally constructed image on the nature of female idols.
The Sirens by Birthe Blauth is a sound installation about male and female ideals.
Adam & Eve by Birthe Blauth is a 14-channel video installation on group ideals, perfection and identity.
Brainwash by Birthe Blauth is a sound installation on corporate values and self-optimization.
Portrait Of A Man by Birthe Blauth is a 4-channel video installation on judging character, on the relation between character and physiognomy.

ideals - individuality

structures , patterns & white noise

White Noise Memories by Birthe Blauth are huge digital paintings based on video stills with razor sharp white noise.

White Noise



stream of consciousness, chains of associations, driftwood

interactive installations

1001 Secrets by Birthe Blauth is about the attraction of the unvisible and forbidden zones.
The Hare And The Tortoise by Birthe Blauth is an interactive installation for two places on our belief in images.
The Gift by Birthe Blauth is an interactive HD-video installation on the ambivalence of interpersonal exchange.


K-Geist 100 by Birthe Blauth and Jutta Burkhardt is an interactive, multipart project on the essence, value and tangibility of artistry.
kitchnapping goes shopping is a group project (concept by Birthe Blauth) on the effects of signs.